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Hawks Road

Ben Nicolas is a Ceramic sculptor who creates pieces inspired by nature and its organic forms. Graduating from University of Surrey, Roehampton in 2003, he continued to develop his work at his London based studio. Seeing each piece as a landscape, he carves into the clay as if the elements of nature have left their mark. These exquisite and unique pieces have captivated the imagination of curators and galleries throughout the U.K.
It is organic art forms and the natural elements that inspire Ben Nicolas’ sculpture. Whether it be the shapes created by entwining roots of trees or the lines formed by rippling water travelling in a constant state of flux, nature echoes throughout each individual piece.

The earthy tones found in many of Ben’s pieces mirror the depth and array of colour found in the natural world. For this reason he will only use the most natural metal oxides, these will react with one another thus producing utterly unique and organic tones, from the rusty browns of the forest to the lucid blues that illustrate the ocean.

A connection between the elements of earth and water can also be noted throughout Ben’s work. In some of the pieces inspired by earth one can note patterns and marks left by shells reminiscent of sea beds and river banks. Those inspired by water lead one to imagine the eroding land that surrounds the piece and the effect that both elements have on each other.