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Sergey Kozlov is an autodidact artist, working in painting and drawing. He began his practice in 2019, and has taken on a studio at ASC in Croydon since 2020. Born in Moscow, he worked in finance in Russia and in consulting in the UK before switching gears to pursue a career as an artist. He currently has work on show in the 21 Fathoms exhibition in the ASC Gallery as well as exhibiting in the Saatchi START Fair represented by the Shtager Gallery from the 13th – 17th October. He will exhibit in ASC’s Cube Gallery at Grafton Quarter from 20 October – 8 December.


You are self trained. When did you start making art and how did this career switch and interest come about? 

I made my first professional artwork in 2019. I wanted to give the best present to my wife for our wedding anniversary, so I took some training to draw a portrait, a quite classical portrait. I was so excited during the process that I decided to push forward and progress with my painting career. For now it’s my daily full-time job.

How have you found your work has grown in the past two years since starting? 

First of all, once I finished the portrait, I switched to digital painting because I wasn’t skilled with paint yet. I wanted to be able to produce the results. An important part of my art is that when I feel the desire to create the artwork, I should have the opportunity to produce it as soon as possible. Digital art is also forgiving in terms of mistakes. After that I felt inspired by the contact with live materials and the medium, so I switched to painting and now produce mostly paintings and drawings.

Speaking of mistakes, how do you approach them in your work? 

It depends on how serious the mistake is. If it’s such a big mistake it destroys the whole idea of the artwork, I have to dispose of the work. In other cases, if, for example I make the wrong stroke – I can rethink the idea of the piece, it might be the action of my subconscious giving me an idea that the artwork should go in a different direction.

How do you find drawing to painting? 

Drawing is about working with paper. I started drawing in the summer, and eventually made well over 100 works. I am currently working with Indian ink on paper. I like charcoal best as it gives a sustained straight line, without fading. You can make a line as long as you want and it will have the same consistency. 

Is there a starting point for your practice? 

I should feel excited, just a level of excitement or enjoyment. It should reach as high a level as to make me start an artwork immediately!

Do you feel like you actively have to go out and source inspiration or just tap into that in the morning? 

Normally I am inspired by visual things. Yesterday, I was inspired by a lyric in a children’s book. I liked it so much that I started drawing. Since I wasn’t in the studio – I created a digital painting.

What’s the biggest influence on practice? 

Emotions, trying to get their ideas augmented in my practice.

Do you have any advice that you would like to share?

Be as open emotionally as you can and truthful to yourself as you can. Tracey Emin’s work is a big inspiration for me, she is emotionally open. Secondly, never think of any practice as not art. Everything can be an art: Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ proved it in the early 20th century. It has been clear since, that everything can be a piece of art, so do whatever inspires you, don’t worry about whether you are able to sell it or not.