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Jenny BM Artist is an artist working with collage and mixed media. She has had a studio with ASC in Alperton for 2 years. She has a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design and have been pursuing her practice for 6 years.

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Is there a starting point for your art practice? 

My starting point is poetry (to an extent), it’s different for each piece, not every poem is associated with art; it depends on my mood. Little phrases as such, poetry usually comes first. Inspiration is experiences, what is actually happening around. My pieces can be political – but may not look so.

What artists have been your greatest inspiration? 

I’ve always been inspired by John Heartfield and Hannah Hoch – the whole Dadaism movement. I also enjoy the works of Romare Bearden and Picasso (his use of colours and construction).

What was the first artwork of note you remember making? 

The first Artwork I remember creating was of a man riding a motorcycle – this was in the style of the Adventures of Tintin, which I grew up watching and reading. My late Father introduced me to it – and he taught me how to draw. He was a good drawer and painter.

What piece of music is a constant in your studio? 

I always play music in the studio, I listen to a variety of genres, but it honestly depends on my mood and what I am creating at the time.

What is that trip that you have always wanted to make?  

I’ve always wanted to go on a three week Yoga and Meditation retreat in Goa, India. No phones – No internet. Just me, my books and my Art.

Do you collect anything in particular?

 I collect Plants – a variety of houseplants. I’m trying to create a mini jungle in my home.

Is your artwork where you want it to be? 

I do believe a percentage of my Art is where it NEEDS to be, but not exactly where I want it to be. At this point, I am trying to be A FLOW instead of GOING WITH THE FLOW. 

What would you perform on a TV talent show? 

If I was ever on a TV Talent show, I would probably perform a mixture of dance routines.

What’s your fondest memory from a movie? 

The fondest memory has to be the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean (At World’s End), where the whole ship has to go under the water to get to the other side. I am a water sign and I love the water, I am fascinated by water as there is a lot of mystery in the oceans – it goes so deep, is there an end? How far have we explored the waters? The deeper we go, the more value we may discover.

Tell us about a piece you are currently working on? 

I am currently working on a mixed-media piece, it consists of magazine cut out, fabric (Denim) and some poetry. This collection is called ‘Mountain’, it explores feelings of loss, discovery, love, hurt and strength. It is somewhat a grieving piece in relation to my late mother.   

Is there any advice you were given that you would like to share? 

The advice I would like to share is: SPACE – finding your own space, to work, think or simply just being with yourself or being around the right energy is more effective than TIME. I hear that saying “Time will heal”, well I believe the right space will heal. Be mindful of your surroundings and how it may affect you.

What sources do you turn to for inspiration when you are creatively stuck? 

When I have a creative block – specifically within painting, I find that writing poetry helps me.

What pastimes have you been entertaining yourself with in lockdowns? 

During the past lockdown, I spent a lot of time in the studio. I’ve created a home away from home, where I can read, create or even sometimes just be alone with my thoughts.

Is narrative important in your work? 

If my art piece is related to a poetic piece I have written or even a political piece, then yes, narrative is important in my work.

Do you like mistakes? 

I find that every mistake I make in my work, allows me to create another interesting piece. Half of my artworks have mistakes on them, and I love it because I have discovered something of value.