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Monstrous Helium

31/01/2015 - 20/03/2015


Private View | 30th January | 6-9pm

31st January – 20th March 2015

Artist Talk | 27th February 6-8pm

Notes on Monstrous Helium

• A painter friend once said to me they moved to Hackney for the light. I didn’t know whether to take him seriously or not.

• I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed if you’re reading this piece of text to find out what this show is “about”, it’s not a proposition or a thematic response. All that can be really said is that it is a show consisting of 4 painters.

• The artists are: Mathis Gasser, Freya Guest, Babette Semmer and Tim Zercie.

• The sun (light) is mostly Helium and named after the Greek God Helios. It is the second lightest element and is the second most abundant element in the observable universe.

• It should be accepted that these works of art will always eclipse this exhibition context.

• I visited all the artists’ studios, which on the whole were all quite grubby.

• Helium makes your voice squeaky because helium is less dense than the air we normally breath and this means that sound waves travel through it much faster than usual (around 900 meters per second) during the short time that they are making their way through the throat and out of the mouth. The pitch of our voice isn’t actually altered, quality of the voice is.

• The painter friend of mine is now in South London.


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