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Bond House Projects | A Light from the East

07/11/2015 - 08/11/2015

A Light from the East

This exhibition features 4 young artists whose works are strongly connected with the East. Nowadays, the work of many Western artists is influenced by Eastern culture, and Eastern artists also base their works on their origin. For example, since the early period of western art history, light and shadow have been taking an important role in paintings. They are used to give the perspective or make the circumstance dramatic. However, in China, the image of Yin and Yang was devised to describe the entire Universe. The symbol of circle and subtleness also comes to be often found in the expression of artists as a result of their influence from East. All this has changed the expression of light and shadow in contemporary art. In the works of the exhibiting artists, light and shadow is not just a matter on the surface of an object any more. The artists spot light on internal aspect, nature occurrence or social issue. They evoke, control and play with them.

Hitomi’s works are based on showing her ideas about humanity. In 2011, the nuclear plant explosion in Japan reminded her of the fact that human can cause horrible destruction. Since then, her works are more focused on the light and shadow of human existence. Her Girl drawings and prints come from Hitomi’s experience in childhood of visiting a photography exhibition in Hiroshima. The drawing looks like there is only a shadow, its owner being absent. The image indeed represents a light as an extreme power of nuclear explosion and a shadow the dust from burnt child.

Panos Antonopoulos

Opposed to any kind of stereotype and influenced by Stirner’s individualistic theory, Panos’s art is dealing with the society, as built today, and people, trying to move the spectator beyond the conventional way of approaching reality and its consequences. Panos considers contemporary art as a mean to evoke. To him, creating art is a way to resist against society’s irrationality. In Tibet’s recent history there is a lot of darkness which has been countered with light, in an admirable way. Namaste is a peaceful demonstration regarding the oppression in the Tibetan territory by the Chinese government. Iconic figures meet in front of the Chinese Parliament to support this cause. West meets East and human nature meets peace.

Foale | Durkin

Foale | Durkin represents the artistic collaboration between two gilders, Their works combine the gilt craftsmanship from the Foale studio in London with the charcoal works drawn by Durkin in New York. The technique combines contemporary printmaking techniques, with 18th Century Verre Eglomise gilding techniques, with the aim to create luminosity by using light within the composition. This is achieved by allowing light to pass through the print (on translucent acetate) and reflect off the silver composite gilt to make a subtle tone. Their works are focused on examining the transient nature of light and exploring the emotive perceptions of light and shade derived from abstract shapes.


Frikkx is an Icelandic artist who lives and works in London. Frikkx’s process is to hand draw digitally a image or layer a photograph with digital drawings and then construct or/and manipulate it in various software before printing it out on photographic paper. Frikkx works deals with compressing motions and feelings into a frozen moment in a digital space. All the work is isolated on a black background: it is the light that brings it to life. The argument remains what is the light or where does it come from, but the contrast in the work is the Jin and Jang, harmonising like an electric music with different sounds, keeping the world in balance.

Address: ASC Studios Bond House Gallery 20-32, Goodwood Road, London SE14 6BL

Private View: Friday 6 Nov 6-8pm
(Some more works can be seen in Hitomi’s studio, which is open till 8:30pm)
Open: Saturday 7 Nov 3-7pm & Sunday 8 Nov 3-6pm



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