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Bond House Projects | Iceland, Unsmiling Beauty | Alice Gur-Arie | Private View | Friday 02 November | 6-8:30pm

03/11/2012 - 04/11/2012

Private View | Friday 02 November | 6-8:30pm

Open | Saturday 03 November from 11am – 5pm | Sunday 04 November from 11am – 4pm

Iceland, Unsmiling Beauty, Alice Gur-Arie’s photographic exhibit is comprised of 4 quite different
groupings: Continental Divide, taken at the mid Atlantic Ridge where two tectonic plates under Europe
and America meet, explores a single location from 6 different perspectives. Drama in the Fog,
reflecting images from various parts of the island, is a haunting series of 5 duotones that suggests
other worldliness, and sets a disquieting mood. Cape Storm is only 3 works, but they are fascinating
examples of Alice’s mastery of her technique. This exhibition is on view at the ASC Studios Gallery,
Bond House, 20-32 Goodwood Road, New Cross SE14 6BL, 6-8:30pm Friday, 2 November, 11-5pm
Saturday, 3 November, and 11-4pm Sunday, 4 November, 2012.
Thanks to the wind, rain and fog, 21 March 2012 provided just the right conditions for the
photographic journey that was about to begin. Armed with her 50D Canon and 70-300mm Canon
telephoto lens, Alice Gur-Arie set out to drive the famous Circle Route that rings Iceland, and capture
the photos that would form the basis of an entirely new creative approach to one of the most
astounding landscapes in the world.
Known for her ability to imbue everyday scenes with imaginative interpretations, Alice is equally at
home shooting birds and animals (she refers to them as “creatures great and small”), landscapes,
nature, cityscapes and people. In fact, she organizes her work into 14 categories, or themes that mix
techniques and subject matter. Of particular interest is what Ms. Gur-Arie calls “digital painting”,
where photographs are used as the base image, but “repainted” digitally to create an entirely changed
impression, and most importantly, a completely different – and often unexpected – viewer response.
The popular and compelling Love on the Rocks deserves a special note. This series demonstrates the
extent that colour, size, form and arrangement can have in terms of aesthetic. Photographed on one
of Jökulsárlón’s ridges, the subject walks along a rocky landscape whose profile resembles a nude
woman. Alice explains, “Having captured his progression up and down the hills, I explored a variety of
exposures, de-saturating the colours, and then reintroducing them in solid colour blocks. The result
created a range of images that please the eye while the brain takes in the duality of human form and
volcanic horizon.” Black Swans, 4 small images, are used to “punctuate” Love on the Rocks. Alice
says, “This grouping captures the swans in their natural environment that is at the same time
fantastical and real, but casts them as magical creatures in a world of fluorescent colours and hues.”
This exhibition is on for only 3 days, so whether you are a fan of Iceland, or simply appreciate artistic
innovation, this show is “must see.”

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