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Bond House Projects | The Path That Runs Across

02/05/2014 - 09/05/2014

Press Release / For Immediate Release
The Path That Runs Across

Nicholas Cheeseman | Michaela Nettell | Rachel Wilberforce

Bond House Project Space, ASC Goodwood Road, London, SE14 6BL

Preview Friday 2 May 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition continues 2-5 May 12-5pm
And by appointment until Wednesday 9 May 2014

You who build gardens, don’t make parks or green spaces, make margins. Don’t make leisure and
game parks, make places of jouissance, make closures that are openings. Don’t make imaginary
objects, make fictions. Don’t make representations, make empty spaces, gaps, make neutrality.
(Marin, 1992)

‘The path that runs across’ brings together work by three artists whose practices explore the binaries of
nature/artifice; expression/control; and imagination/matter. For three months Cheeseman, Nettell
and Wilberforce have engaged in a reciprocal creative process, responding to each other’s research and
practice in a three-way dialogue focusing on the manipulation of nature within the urban environment.
This has, in turn, informed the development of new works and the configuration of the gallery as a test
bed, a controlled environment in which to identify common themes, structures and forms. Sequential
photo-studies of concrete grids in a Modernist garden; a stop-motion animation of a sea buoy run
aground; a projected film negative revealing the hexagonal tessellations of a city tree grate; and
sculptures combining carved tree stumps with found plastic objects are arranged to create a new and
playful landscape typified by the rhythmic patterns of grids and frames, intervals, fissures and spaces

The project’s title adapts Louis Marin’s analogy of the Rue Traversière (the road that runs across) in
his discussion of gardens’ unexpected, contradictory designs1, while reflecting the pathways that have
opened up between and through the artists’ conversations:

1 Marin, L. (1992) Lectures traversières. Paris: Albin Michel

Nicholas Cheeseman uses making as a form of thinking. His material investigations use craft
related processes to challenge the integrity of the form being created or deconstructed. The element of
failure is often deliberately visible and present, forming part of Cheeseman’s interrogation of the value
of making and craft in contemporary art practice. Cheeseman is currently undertaking an MA Fine Art
at Chelsea College of Arts.

Michaela Nettell works across moving image, photography and installation, exploring the potential
of projection and collage techniques to affect relations of space, optics and memory. Her ongoing ‘1964
Series’ documents incidences of non-orthogonal structures in post-war city architectures, making
reference to Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘organic architecture’ and the hexagonal plan.

Rachel Wilberforce’s practice explores the relationship between the everyday and other;
specifically drawing from Foucault’s heterotopic spaces, through photography, collage and mixed
media installation. In approaching landscape, the body and architecture as interchangeable, she
examines issues of freedom, control and transgression across the interior and exterior realm, as a
spatial and psychological experience. Taking the materiality and physicality of the environment, her
work offers up a deconstructed narrative that is at once historical and present, fictitious and real,
liminal and fixed. Wilberforce was awarded The Rector’s Scholarship for MA Fine Art at Chelsea
College of Arts (2012/14).


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