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Bond House Projects | Time and Time Again | Private View | Friday 19 October | 6-9pm

20/10/2012 - 28/10/2012

Bond House Projects | Time and Time Again | Private View | Friday 19 October | 6-9pm

A.S.C. Artists | Jamie Taylor and Thomas Helyar-Cardwell

Exhibition runs to Sunday 28 October

Open Friday to Sunday 12-5pm


“(If we assume that the horizon of our historical experience today is defined by the ambiguous influences and latent presence of the unresolved histories, the ghosts, of modernity, then an act of appropriation that seeks to show what it means for something to mean something today must expose these unresolved moments of latent presence as they are, and that means first of all, not to suggest their resolution in the moment of their exhibition.)  Appropriation then is about performing the unresolved by staging object, images or allegories that invoke the ghosts of unclosed histories in a way that allows them to appear as ghosts and reveal the nature of the ambiguous presence. “

Jan Verwoet. Living with Ghosts. From Appropriation to Invocation in Contemporary Art.

Art and Research Volume 1. No. 2. Nov 2007.

Existing objects and images are in some sense re-enactments of the past in the present. Our memories and related memorial objects both evoke and invoke the past. The act of appropriating, reinterpreting or remaking these images and objects reanimates them in the today.

In our digital age, old 35mm photos and film contain both a tangible trace and a physical memory, a window to a past that is made real, invoked as well as evoked by the transubstantial, ritual acts of painting, drawing, refilming and remaking – a conjuring and calling up that re-ignites memory and allows the past to live and act on the present.

The act of filming and re-making a film can be seen as a resurrection as opposed to just re-imagining, the assiduous painting of old imagery or photographs as the re-enlivening of tropes or individuals – no longer static and dead but living in the culture of today, and the performative act of drawing as revivifying old philosophies to awaken a slumbering history.

“Time And Time Again” brings together four artists who – through their individual practices – re-enact, activate and gaze again upon past moments.  Thomas Helyar-Cardwell appropriates historic objects from museum collections, re-presenting and reinterpreting them through the act of painting.  Each object is explored as the locus of layers of meaning – cultural, narrative and hierarchical – as a method of reflecting on our contemporary culture.   Adopting Binx Bolling’s (Walker Percy’s ‘The Movie Goer’) ‘search’ for the treasurable in the everyday, Kelly Jackson resurrects film moments in her intimate portraits of people and places, utilising the work’s formal construction to allow the viewer in on her own private spectacle.  Jamie Taylor uses anonymous found photography from second hand shops and the internet in his paintings and drawings that investigate memory and the personal archive, and reference early photography, the digital, and representation through paint.  Using drawing and film as an exploratory process, James Jeff Lindley interrogates notions of history, place and Landscape.  For “Unresolved Moments” Lindley will use drawing and sound in a performative sense in an attempt to resuscitate the faded idealistic political philosophies of the 2Oth Century.



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