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Muscle Memory | Andrew Sunderland

22/01/2016 - 18/03/2016

Andrew Sunderland | ASC Gallery | 18 January - 18 March 2016

“Humans were slow to adapt. They desired the new, but unable to efficiently produce it at increasing speed they became dependent on strategies of replication and appropriation. They rewired their cognitive abilities to ameliorate, instead becoming trapped in closed feedback loops of producing. Endlessly producing by means of customisation.

Content, indeed all matter, became viscous and infectious: material to mould and to reform, to produce and reproduce desire; to spread. This virus affected the human beings circadian rhythms and cognition, producing a mass mechanized output of cognitive labour on a scale previously unimaginable.
All bodies became producers of content. Their flesh: a terminal receptor to input and output this content. Their minds; long had those been outsourced to a centralised machine whose operations facilitated communications between nodes.
Over time this resulted in mass ecophagy. Human beings became bots harvesting to simply self-replicate ideas, to (re)produce, and to churn all matter into a mass of wet, sticky, ‘grey goo’.”

Muscle memory is an exhibition of sculpture, sound, and print by Andrew Sunderland. Andrew recently graduated from Goldsmiths MFA program. Recent exhibitions include ‘…at the slow party copies sync towards zero’ a solo sound work at David Roberts Art Foundation, and ‘Partial Presence’: a group exhibition at Zabludowicz Collection. In 2015, he was the recipient of the Red Mansion Prize, and undertook a month-long residency in Beijing.

Custom fabric printing used in show kindly supplied by Bags of Love

CIRCUITS IN THE FLESH 26th Feb 2016 >> A collaborative performance reading by Alexis Milne, Andrew Sunderland , MBJ Wetware, and Tex Royale >> Readings from the hoverzone >> Soft Machine // William Burroughs >> Neuromancer // William Gibson >> Fanged Noumena // Nick Land >> cut up and served to a warped breakcore soundscape > delivered from a hoverboard by Alexis Milne >> As part of MUSCLE MEMORY an exhibition by Andrew Sunderland >> at ASC gallery >> Filmed by Tom Johnson

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