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Unit 3 Projects | Florence Mytum | In Transition

07/07/2016 - 21/07/2016

Florence Mytum | In Transition

For the first three weeks of July, I will occupy the Unit 3 project space undertaking an experimental project. Rather than presenting a conventional exhibition of finished work, I will use the space to make and develop my evolving practice, experimentally installing, de-installing and re-installing my work in the space throughout the time.

My work explores the ways in which we can interact with painting physically and spatially as apposed to purely visually. From physical touch historically being seen as the lowliest of the senses, to the rise of conceptual art and a “dematerialized” art world putting emphasis on abstract thought over physical material, my work seeks to challenge this by presenting a new materiality of painting, encouraging viewers to think about the way they engage with the world physically.

This project will act as an ephemeral, moving exhibition, reflecting the transitory state of my practice as I approach the end of my first year out of art school. I invite the public to enter the space on certain open days – 7th, 10th and 13th July. Each day the arrangement and display of work will be different, as well as my creative process being laid bare. By gaining access the making and installation process the visitors’ engagement will be altered, encouraging a heightened physical connection to the work.

On 20th July at the end of the project, there will be a concluding, evening event. Here, my work will be presented in its current state at that time, not as a polished exhibition but as a snapshot of this ephemeral endeavour. Visitors are encouraged to open discussions surrounding the current, transitory state of the artwork, and engage with it in a more relaxed environment than a conventional gallery. Traces of the evolution of the work will be present in the space; almost like a drawing they will be fleeting evidence of the work in transition.


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Unit 3 Projects
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