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04/11/2013 - 04/12/2013

L O U D  L I G H T

Abigail Box is fascinated by the way bright colour and image looks on screen and the relationship between digital image and how it might be translated into paint.

L o u d  L i g h t  originally began by creating work for an art feature about British weather in PHOENIX magazine. In this project Abigail considered her intrigue for the ways that we describe our weather, that the air can be crisp and the cold sharp and so the work became involved in the possibility of transcending our idea of what something visual is. Describing light as something so bright that it could be audible.

“Words painting pictures, a translation of sorts, it has me consider how I choose to translate imagery myself. Looking and interpreting, describing and reinventing one image into another.” AB

The work also explores a visual tension between figuration and abstraction, in striking a balance between painterly description and recognisable content. This series of paintings are based on real events but takes advantage of images obscured and distorted having been captured, or recaptured from computer and television screens. Unclear and lacking exact detail, encouraging an inventive style of painting which at best allows the paint itself as a material to become the main event.

Most recently Abigail has worked from photographs which capture light reflecting off surfaces and from video stills taken from recordings of explosions, creating visually arresting paintings that explore the limits of depicting light using oil on canvas.

Within the ASC Window Space, the work has now become an installation, a bright climate flooded with painterly descriptions of light. Seeing the window also as an opportunity to add semi transparent layers into the mix of panels. The painted perspex is lit from behind and acts very much like a lightbox or, especially at night, a glowing television set.


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