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04/03/2015 - 18/03/2015

Art Lab  # 2 invites Fama Fame to London

04 March – 18 March 2015
Art Lab # 2 invites fama_fame to London 2015

Roberto De Luca: ‘Will you bring fama_fame to London for me?’

Olivia Notaro: ‘Yes, of course.’

The above conversation between Roberto De Luca and Olivia Notaro heralded the start of a collaboration involving the ongoing „In progress“-Projekte Fama Fame (2006) and the Art Lab #….(2013), respectively.

Olivia Notaro agreed to Roberto De Lucas’ request literally and will carry Fama Fame to London in her suitcase (ital. portare = carry/bring) and exhibit it in the “window space” at the ASC Artist Studio Building, Erlang House, Blackfriars Road London SE1 8EQ.

On this occasion the word ‘case’ intertwines two projects or better discusses them to make them happen. The first one, ‘Fame / Fame’, feeds on opposites, on the dialectical tension between survival needs and dreams of glory that the authorship has to go through. The other one, ‘Art Lab’, develops trading practices where authorship rhizomatically dissolves into a collective doing. Around fourty artists are as travel companions within an adventure marked by the ‘case’, seen as chance, fortuity, in order to make the way available for discovery, which is typical of travelling, in the German sense of ‘wandern’.

The invited artists where asked to concern themselves with the form the works should take and their presentation in the ASC Window Space. For the duration of the project, a blog on the Fama Fame Website Art Lab # 2 invites Fama Fame to London is open to the artists. There they present and discuss their ideas. This will offer the possibility to all participating artists to suggest and decide upon exhibition concepts. At the end of an agreed time period, different concepts where put to the vote.

Guidelines: All the submitted works must fit into one large suitcase (75 x 52 x 25 cm, with a total weight of 20 kg) and be suitable for display in the available gallery window. The number of participating artists is determined from those that register.

The project will be carried out between December 2014 to March 2015 and exhibited from the 4.March – 18. March 2015.

Opening: 4.March 2015, 17:30 – 21:00

The invited artists are: Peter Aerschmann, Anja Aichinger, Anna Altmeier, Mirko Aretini, Fiorenza Bassetti, Marceline Berchtold, Brigitta Briner, Eleonore Clare & Dillan Marsh, Ermanno Cristini, Jürg Curschellas, Fabiana de Barros, Laura Degenhardt, Roberto de Luca, Salome Egger, Filippo Falaguasta, Meinrad Feuchter, Giulano Galletta, Marco Giacomoni, Lucienne Hälg, Jakob Jenzer, Matthiew Johnson, Areej Kaoud, Patrick King, Filippo Leonardi, Anna Lytridou, Loredana Longo, Alberto Magrin, Tom Mason, Martina Miholic, Martin Möll, Ernesto Nicola Nicolai, Giancarlo Norese, Olivia Notaro, Aimy Palogiannidou, Daniele Pario Perra, Silvano Repetto, Antonio Scarponi, Pia Schläppi, Michael Streun, Sarah Taras, Patrizio Travagli, Ben Turner, Andrea Vogel, Kam Wan, Claudius Weber, Polly Yates


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