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WINDOW SPACE | Luis Ignacio Rodriguez | CollectnConnect | 2041

05/08/2014 - 04/09/2014

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From behind the window space, twenty seven years look down upon you. And it is fine. A few things may have changed, but think back to 1997: Did everyone have mobile phones? Shop online? How did people meet? Where did they shop? London’s skyline, texting, selfies, video calls, getting your milk, knowing your neighbours, capitalism, loneliness, it’s all been redefined.

2041 is a window into the future, remember Windows? Introducing the CollectnConnect network of local shops, NighU app, bees, the allotment bulletin, local XMart app, cows, talking corners, LLNN app, the demise of bread. And every Friday, without fail, Luis will be there, talk to him, it’s good to talk.

Luis Ignacio Rodriguez signs off his emails as artist, writer and curator. We are inclined to agree. We understand that he is a curator since he has successfully curated group and individual shows, notably with Q-Art. He writes as he talks and talks as he writes, and now he is blogging. But primarily he is an artist. He has exhibited his artwork widely, from Bremen and Berlin to Shoreditch and South London, in a practice that has variously been described as performance, video art, installation, paint, documentaries and television, and focused on his many obsessions: language, social interaction, physical and digital spaces, art and the self.

Since he graduated from Goldsmiths BA Fine Art, he has done a great deal of navel gazing, art talking, art making, teaching, being a family man, and various other spine strengthening activities that are now allowing him to step out into a big art world he barely understands and deeply knows.

He is currently working on his first two form-filling requiring projects, Deptford X and ArtLicks 2014, as artist and curator within NoMad Gallery, an artist-led outfit that aims to utilise the urban environment as art venue. He is soon to be curating a show in ASC Gallery’s Unit 3 space and Goldsmiths 310NXRD space for late August and late October respectively.

Performances to take place | Friday 08 and 29 August | 6-8pm


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