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Fernando Holguin Cereceres
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Mixed Media / Multidisciplinary Artist / Thurlow Street

5537 Fernando Holguin Cereceres (b.Chihuahua México, 1967) living in London since 1995.
Multidisciplinary Portraying humanity.

I am a contemporary British artist, originally from Mexico, who works with any media. my paintings, photographs and installations, explore the sense of our time and the transcendence of the human being. My artistic career includes over thirty-five years of creativity. I live and work in London and have exhibited in both Europe and America. With little to no self promotion, minimum to making money, years long silence, with many works done that never shown to anybody, sincerely involved with my artwork and processes.

I create art for the joy of doing it and not as a means to an end.

I feel deeply inspired by humanity’s concerns with our increasingly globalized media-driven world and the tribulation within the rapidly advancing technological biosphere of today. Needless to mention our current pandemic that besides the obvious danger and existential threat that the COVI-19 virus is, humanity is facing an immense psychological toll from the pandemic.

I push for my highest level of contribution to create work that meets a significant need in the world. I play with the idea and develop a concept until the media manifest itself. I find the imagines for my work from my daily life and environment, these can be photographed or sketched in real time or drawn from my imagination and dreams.

I want the audience to find a little joy in their life, by detaching themselves from materialistic and consumerist ideas of happiness. finding beauty in everyday scenarios of ordinary life.
My work is contemporary conceptual art with a poetic and humanitarian view in a mixed media and or multidisciplinary format with my own take on neo-expressionist style.