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Marji Abela
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Mixed Media / Multidisciplinary Artist / Thurlow Street

Marjorie studied painting at Central School of Art & Design - where much of her time was spent in the life-room she went on to study pattern cutting at The London College of Fashion.

Pattern cutting became a tool for drawing, the body, her canvas. She also experimented with millinery materials. The resulting head-wear and dresses transforming the presence of the wearer.

After a long absence of making work, she started going to life sculpture classes which has revived her art practice. Since 2015 she has worked mainly from life in clay sometimes incorporating textiles.

The portrayal of the sensual physicality of flesh and the illusive complexities of human emotion and nature are the focus of her current work.

In 2019 she was awarded the Sunny Dupree Family Award for a woman artist at the Royal Academy Summer Show, was joint 1st winner of the Gemini Art Prize and the first recipient of the Ann Mavroleon Dixon Award.

Marjorie lives and works in south London.