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Empson Street

From a very young age, I have been attracted to paint, colour and texture. I loved the smell of paint in art rooms as a child. Later at art college, I specialised in fine art. My paintings are an expression of how I feel. I experiment with different techniques, looking for interesting and new combinations, mixing traditional and modern materials. Playing with colors and materials like resin, gold leaf and the latest paints, I produce rich artwork where the materials combine to create depth through texture. I love the challenge of starting with a blank canvas and the process of evolution as it develops into the finished piece. Every painting I do tests the limits of my creativity - at times I’ll have to stop myself throwing my work away in frustration, but with persistence and determination I pull through to achieve my desired results. My paintings evolve in an organic manner. I work loosely at first, then home-in on certain parts becoming forensically focussed on the detail. Shapes, depth and patterns then begin to emerge. Travelling has opened my eyes to the world and been a huge source of inspiration. I spent the best part of a decade living in India, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia where I absorbed the smells, sounds, colours and culture. I draw on these in my art, for example Ladakh where the vibrant mix of gold, saffron and red is informed by Buddhist temples in the Himalayas. I want you, the viewer to be intrigued when you look at my work - to want to stay and take a closer look, to be hypnotised and to walk away with a strong feeling or sensation, by my use of shape and colour. I believe art is therapy for the soul!