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Piccadilly Circus I (2010)London Docklands 2010 (Commissioned for the Hilton Docklands Riverside hotel)London Olympic Build III (2010)Beat the Rush (2010)Love...Drink it up (2010)Southbank At Night, Study 1 (2010)
Zanny Mellor / « back
Stockwell Road
Mixed Media

Zanny is fascinated by the dynamism of urban areas, concentrating on the flow of pedestrian and traffic energy and their relationship with road markings, traffic lights, public transport and buildings. She uses mark-making to document the constant changes at a particular site, as well as photography, maps and architectural plans to translate her findings into bright multi-layered mixed media paintings.

Zanny's illustrations also contain elements of fluidity in her subject matter and frequent use of hand-rendered typography. She works in pencil, inks and acrylic paint before collaging digitally.