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Hawks Road

Zuhal (Zuzu) Sahillioglu is the product of the truly magical city of Istanbul where antiquity meets contomporary, East joins West, Europe touches Asia...

She studied Art and Design at a specialist High School in Istanbul; then changed direction to study Public Administration in Ankara and graduated from the Turkish Institute of Public Administration.

During her undergraduate years in Ankara, she continued to do oil paintings together with a local artist and carved wooden sculptures in her spare time to relax.

Since then, Zuzu has also lived in Bahrain, Brussels, Luxembourg and UK.

"I believe that learning is a life long activity and experiences must be shared. That's why I continue to join the Workshops in The Royal Academy, working with the top art masters as well as working in a park under a big tree with unknown artists from Africa to share their traditional stone carving methods and benefit from their experiences... I enjoy sharing different views with others.."
Bilingual artist Zuzu, also often writes articles for Turkish Art Magazines and the well respected Turkish daily newspaper and art magazins.

Zuzu continues to express herself through paintings and drawings. She also enjoys carving stone and wood but sculpting from clay remains a passion for her.

Zuzu is a member of Surrey Sculpture Society (SSS), and various international art groups in order to share new methods and other experiences.