Anna Kolosova

Anna Kolosova is a Latvian-born Russian, London-based artist. Her practice revolves around ‘expanded field’ painting. She makes abstract, mixed-media, performative in nature paintings with elements of collage, text and found images or objects. Anna gravitates towards the urban styles but mixes those with the classical notions of painting, such as Golden Ratio. She keeps her sketchbooks in her purse always to be able to sketch what she gets inspired by, in situ. Some of them end up being a starting point to larger works titled ‘Ripple Affect”, and some become works themselves once framed.

Anna is a synaesthete, so she paints music, smells, numbers and text in colour as ‘seen’ in her mind. In specific projects, such as Synaesthetic Action Painting, she explores that by directly responding to sound or smell, painting it live. She bridges the gap between sound and image for the audience to enjoy this multi-sensory experience. She collaborates with sound artists to deliver these experiences both as multimedia artworks and now also as workshops, available online and offline.

Anna Kolosova

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