Gail Seres-Woolfson

Gail’s practice explores architecture, space and the experience of moving through the urban landscape. A life-long city dweller (b.1982, London), with a background in dance and theatre, in 2014 she left behind a career in arts project management to discover her potential as an artist.

Her mixed media paintings have been featured in the RA Magazine and the Saatchi Screen Project, displayed at the National Gallery and Christie’s, and been shortlisted for awards including the Evening Standard Contemporary Art Prize and Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize.

In 2019 Gail expanded her practice with a first multi-disciplinary, collaborative project responding to an architectural space with the use of static and moving image projection, sound, moving bodies and props.

The resulting short video piece, Pink City, won the Fantasia ArchiShorts prize at the a+dff festival in Winnipeg, Canada 2020. Gail graduated in 2017 with a first class diploma in Fine Art from Art Academy London, where she is now a tutor for a range of painting and drawing evening and weekend courses.

Gail Seres-Woolfson

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