Michael Coppelov

Michael Coppelov is an artist whose primary focus is our interconnected world. In his artworks, symbols, signs and settings coalesce into largely nonsensical realities. Always visually complex, these multi-faceted artworks twist and turn, disorienting the viewer in the way a large motorway intersection might. He invents symbols and characters and fills his landscapes with his own hyper-personal languages, informed by his idiosyncratic obsessions which range from J-pop through to YouTube ‘pilots-eye’ videos. Although sensitive and considered, Michael’s approach to art is first and foremost process-lead and one of constant discovery and risk-taking.

Born in Lancashire in 1983, he now lives and works in London. Michael attended the Ruskin School of Fine Art at Oxford University (2005) and then completed an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art (2008). Michael Coppelov has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards including a two-year scholarship from the Leverhulme Trust. Of late, Michael was an Artist-in-Residence at NES in Iceland and, more recently, at Husk in London. Latterly, Michael completed two years on the Studio Programme at Turps Banana. He now works from his studio at ASC in Bow.

Michael Coppelov

Artist Specialty

Mixed Media

Multidisciplinary Artist

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