Peter Brimelow

Peter Brimelow BA(Hons) BArch(Hons) RIBA

I graduated from Liverpool University School of Architecture with The Holford Travel Award for The Highest All Round Achievement, and was admitted as a Charted Member to The Royal Institute of British Architects in 1985.

I trained and worked as a film and television set designer with the BBC, as an exhibition designer at The British Museum and The London Museum of Mankind, and as a freelance architectural illustrator before returning to mainstream architecture. I founded the award winning studio Brimelow McSweeney Architects in Covent Garden for which I now act as a consultant allowing me to paint full time in the Cleaver Street Studio.

My paintings explore perceptions of time, memory and reality in the context of the architecture and cityscapes of London. They capture experiences of change, transience and movement in the context of the city.

My work explores experiences of change in the city, buildings experienced at different times in different light conditions and viewed in different contexts from different locations, sometimes contrasting the static architecture with the movement of people.

My perception of the city is not just a 3 dimensional experience, it also involves the dimension of time. In some paintings, this translate onto the 2 dimensions of the canvas as a series of individual moments and events that occur over a period of time overlaid to create a single image in the way that memory retains a series of events as a singlular perceived reality.

Although I manipulate perspective, my paintings are an accurate and detailed representation of the urban environment.

I have exhibited in London, and my paintings are collected internationally.

Peter Brimelow

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