21 FaTHOMS | Exhibition

September – November 2021

ASC Gallery | The Chaplin Centre, Taplow House, Thurlow Street, London, SE17 2DG

PV Friday 24th September, 5 – 9pm
From 24th September to 6th November


Thank you to all ASC artists who submitted work to 21 fATHOMS and the eventual 21 artists chosen by this years judge, artist and fashion designer Julie Verhoeven.

1st prize went to Marylyn Molisso with her work “Panic attack on the tube at lunchtime”, 2021. She wins £350 in art material vouchers and can develop an exhibition to showcase in ASC Gallery in 2022.
2nd prize went to Betsey kilpatrick with her painting “Hypnagogia”, 2021.
3rd prize went to Amy Cochrane with her painting “Pair of Eyes”, 2021.

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