Butterfly Blue Goodbye | Brixton Beneficiary

March 2020

The exhibition will be open 6 – 9pm, Thursday 12th of March, and 12 – 6pm on the 13- 14th.

Brixton Beneficiary | 246 Stockwell Road, Brixton, London SW9 9SP


Butterfly Blue Goodbye is a fleeting exhibition hosted at the Brixton Beneficiary, showcasing new art by Jessica Ostrowicz and William Saunders.


We are always saying it. Not only to people, but to the day, to the hour, to each moment. Some things hang around in our minds, not willing to leave. Some things we say goodbye to are so important their absence shapes our very selves.

For Butterfly Blue Goodbye, the artists have made new art engaging with this theme. This show will (probably) include a film, an installation, a sculpture, and some drawing.


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