CLOD | Exhibition

5th – 26th MAY 2023
Free & open to all

ASC Gallery | The Chaplin Centre, Taplow House, Thurlow Street, London SE17 2DG

PV: Friday 5th May, 6 – 9 pm
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm
– Saturday 6th May, 12 – 6 pm


Anna Brass & Lottie Stoddart

Clod clot clud cloud.
A clod; a mass of earth, a clot, a clud, a cloud.
Lumps of earth, torrents of water, vaporous shapes and spiralling eyes; Clod brings together the work of artists Anna Brass and Lottie Stoddart in an exhibition that has emerged from a series of sporadic studio visits over the last year. This energetic exchange of ideas and imagery has resulted in two stop-motion animations: Stoddart’s ‘Stellar’ and Brass’ ‘Chute’, looping worlds full of spiralling stairs and intestinal flumes.

About the artists

Anna Brass is a sculptor and filmmaker currently based in Norwich. Much of her studio work hovers between two and three dimensions: lumpy images and pictorial sculpture. She was the Sainsbury Scholar in Painting and Sculpture at the British School at Rome (2018-19), and in 2020 she was a recipient of the Stuart Croft Foundation Moving Image Award.

Lottie Stoddart is a London based artist whose interdisciplinary practice explores varied forms of wonder and enchantment. The works depict enclosed realms; illusionistic, contained spaces where a residual story, memory, atmosphere plays out under its own internal laws. The use and depiction of humble materials in a reduced economy of form, plays with registers of familiarity and ubiquity. The rendering and use of varied materials in their collaged, shallow spaces hints at the unconscious and weird; from monstrous and mutating to celebratory and sensual, in a language that is playfully remembered, imagined, warped, reduced. Lottie received the 2021 APT & Fenton Trust Award and the 2023 Tagli Collection and Mentoring Award.
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