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Collisions opens at the Court House, Lambeth from 2 December – 4 December 2022.  

Collisions presents works from an extraordinary group of ASC artists working in a diverse range of themes and mediums.

This group exhibition presents exhilarating juxtapositions of artworks and processes that collide, encounter, and are in dialogue with one another. 

Inspired by the 2010 RSID Museum exhibition of the same name, the artists selected works to be displayed with no curatorial oversight. Collisions is an experiment in exhibition making that values personal contributions while at the same time the individual artworks become part of a larger, communal endeavor. Artists coming together at a point of contact. A stopping point on a journey, a place to exchange thoughts and then continue on their way in different directions. A random selection but brought together by a sense of curiosity, a curiosity to stop, to communicate and to exchange. A collision at a point of arrival or departure. The show’s location in the former Lambeth County Court — a stunning art deco building built in 1928 — stimulated some artists to explore the phenomenology of space and the hierarchical structures of society. 


Private View: Friday 2nd December 2022. Open to the public 6 PM–9 PM.

Exhibition Dates: Friday 2nd December through Sunday, 4th December 2022. Open to the public from 12.00 PM till 6.00 PM Saturday and Sunday. 

Admission: Free 

Location: County Courts, Cleaver Street, Kennington, London SE11 4DZ


About Artist: Danielle Jacques

Danielle Jacques is a British, London-based multimedia artist. Her work explores altered states of consciousness such as meditation or trance through the mediums of print, photography, video, sound and installation. Her work draws references from the cultures which support altered states – from Buddhist philosophy to electronic club culture, from self-hypnosis to spiritual awakenings. Jacques’ phenomenological practice is a constant play between materiality, representation and experience. In 2020, Danielle earned a distinction in her masters in Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London. She received the Mercers’ Arts Award from the Mercers Company in 2020. Danielle has exhibited in multiple group shows in London, including the London Saatchi Gallery. 

Instagram: @djartworks. Website:, Email: 


About Artist: Luke Anthony Bacon

Luke Anthony Bacon is a British, London-based artist. Currently studying MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. ​​The framework of his practice focuses on irony and sincerity. The Metamodern structure of balance, ‘ironic detachment with sincere engagement. Both irreverence and sincerity through what is a give and take of metamodernism in the evolution of postmodernism. Working within painting and sculpting he kills the life from the original counterpart of reference. His objects want to be more but are deficiently made, seemingly now pathetic.

Instagram: @ellosexy, Website:


About Artist: Satellite State

Satellite State is a sound and video artist, composing soundscapes, and creating accompanying films, the two working synergistically. The musical language functions at several levels, with minimal, ambient, and expressive qualities. It hints at an overlying narrative to the visuals it accompanies, provides an interpretive voice to feelings, as well as enabling the listener to tap into their own internal thoughts and emotions. An enduring fascination with space and time is used as an expansive visual metaphor for these explorations in sound and vision. Satellite State also works collaboratively with poets and other artists/filmmakers and is open to future collaborations.



About Artist: Christina Niederberger

Christina Niederberger is a Swiss artist living and working in London. She was awarded an MA and practice-based PhD from Goldsmiths College, University of London and received a full A.H.R.C. award for her studies. Her art practice investigates the language of painting, how this language has been framed by its cultural conditions, art history and traditional notions of the masculine and feminine. She explores these interests with paintings that deal with re-interpretations of modernism’s vocabulary by ‘translating’ modernist stylistic devices into an illusionistic mark making which mimics embroidery/textiles. These paintings evoke the sphere of craft and design whilst their formal characteristics and rendition in oils allude to the domain of fine art. Borrowing from both the vocabulary of modernism and of textile art, her painterly translations from one visual language to another can be read as hybrid texts engaged in a process of interpretation between languages and cultures, between modernism and contemporary art, between painting and textile as well as between a culture dominated by masculinity and a feminist perspective.

Instagram: @christinaniederberger, Website:


About Artist: Jumpei Kinoshita

Jumpei Kinoshita is a London-based Japanese artist, whose paintings engage with both mood and colour. His works focus on both the abstract and the figurative including people and animals and the idea of portraiture. Jumpei arranges interviews with people and takes numerous photos in each session. He chooses a couple of photos carefully, which capture a specific moment of interest and uses these as a source for his paintings. A key aspect of his work is the relationship between abstract materiality and the figurative and the joyful experimentations with both. Jumpei studied BA and MFA in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art and completed his studies in 2013. Since then, he has numerous exhibitions in the UK and nominated for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019 and Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize 2021.

Instagram: @jumpei_kinoshita, Website:


About Artist: Yu-Ting Chung

Yu-Ting Chung is a Taiwanese filmmaker and artist. Her works range from fiction films and multi-media artworks. With a background in fine art, she spent a period in the film and television industry. She completed her MA at the Royal College of Art in 2020 and is now based in London. Her works delve into the multi-dimensional imaging realm among spirituality, technology and the environment. Main creator and producer of the international feature film “Mask”. Shortlist for Golden Horse Film Project Promotion 2020.

Instagram: @tingchzy, Website:, Email: 


About Artist: Watt Locklear

Watt Locklear is a USA born- London based architectural installation artist and architect. His work is an attempt to answer one question: can the most basic and foundational elements of architecture be created automatically?

In these paintings Watt Locklear uses ‘automatic blind contour drawing’ as a working method. Through the addition of mixed media and oil, structure develops within the painting. Each consecutive layer of medium acts as insulation and cladding to an initial charcoal drawings interior framing, similar to the process of creating architectural objects. In its completed form Watt Locklear’s work has emphasis on architectural elements of a single automatic architectural creation, whether building or functional folly.

Instagram: @Wattlocklear, Email: 


About Artist: Gail Dickerson

Gail Dickerson is a British, London-based artist, who studied Painting at the Royal College of Art. Her art practice involves the exploration of Art, Geology and the Community within the context of our every day along with the use of modern industrialised materials. Explorations involve the texture of a material, an experience, and a layering of human concepts of mapping and planning. A recent project ‘Core Sample’ focused on the geological and human layers of London and the area of Elephant and Castle. And a present project ‘Exposure Temporary’ uses geological samples collected from Thames Tideway’s deep excavations along the Thames. But the projects are a microcosm and are in a much larger context of the world and our sensitivity and observation of it. Gail has exhibited in multiple solo and group shows nationally and Internationally.

Instagram: @gail_dickerson9, Website: 

About Artist: Laurence Green

Laurence Green (b. 1994 United Kingdom) holds a BA Hons in Mixed Media Fine Art from The University of Westminster (2014-2017). He is currently based in London, studying his MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths. His sculptural practice uses both found objects and constructed mechanisms to interrogate notions of play. Exploring themes of boredom, naivety and dark humour, and subverting the idea that ‘play’ is a time-wasting and childish activity. Instead a means to communicate and understand deeper ideas around the human psyche.

Instagram: @laurencegreenverde, Website:


About Artist: Gianinna Delpino

Insta: @gianinna_delpino, Website:


Selected Works

  1. Danielle Jacques | Ascension now…are you ready? | 2022 | Multimedia audiovisual installation 
  2. Yu-Ting Chung | Endless X | 2021 | Installation with projection
  3. Jumpei Kinoshita | Come Here | 2021 | Oil on canvas
  4. Watt Locklear | Lake House | 2022 | Oil and charcoal on canvas 
  5. Christina Niederberger | Untitled (after de Kooning) | 2019 | Oil on canvas
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