music in a room filled with smoke | Unit 3

music in a room filled with smoke

Tal Regev

Susannah Stark

Natasha Viosna Moody

Emma Jane Whitton

Ellen An Su

Ruby Conner

Karolina Lebek

This exhibition brings together a selection of works inspired by the transformative reverberations of grief, loss, and isolation, evoked by ongoing challenges posed by the covid pandemic and beyond. By moving inwards, the works on view form a manifestation of the power stored in exposing bare the new seed borne in darkness. Join us for the PV on first Thursday of the year 2023 to plant it with us!

ASC studios

Unit 3, Empson Street, Bow

London E3 3LT

PV: 5th January, 6-9pm

Exhibition open by appointment: 2nd-8th January 2023, 12-6pm daily

For access please text: 07947504127 or email:

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