My Daughter Terra – Book Launch | Courthouse Projects

Join us for the launch of My Daughter Terra, a book of poetry, essays, plays, visual art, and architecture that imagines new ways of viewing nature. Edited by Nina Hanz, the anthology gathers multiple voices that question why we describe Mother Earth as our caretaker when in reality we hold a huge responsibility for the planet. This shift in perspective brings forth desires to find new ways of describing, experiencing, portraying, and relating to the world we live in. Made collaboratively with the designers Betty Brunfaut and Bakhtawer Haider from Plan B and Kristina Chan and Jojo Villas of Plaintiff Press, the book follows a conscious effort for sustainable design and printing methods.

Doors open at 7:00 pm, followed by a tour of the printing studios of Plaintiff Press, who collaborated in making the book ethically made. At 8:00 pm, the event will move into the former courtroom located at ASC Studios. Here, contributors will be performing and reading from the anthology, mixed in with screenings of related projects. Drinks will be available, but BYOB is encouraged.

Monday, February 20, from 7:00 pm

Courthouse Projects | ASC Studios, Former Lambeth County Court, Cleaver Street, SE11 4DZ, London

Poster Design by Plan B Creative Studio

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