She/He Has No Picture, Hanaa Malallah | The Cube

May – June 2024

The Cube  | ASC Grafton Road – Art House, Grafton Road, Croydon, London CR0 3RP

Hanaa Malallah exhibits pieces from her project She/He Has No Picture. In 2023, part of the project was exhibited in PS1 MoMA PS1/ NY and later the full project was exhibited in Chicago Cultural Centre.

“She/He Has No Picture, 2019 is a wall installation commemorating the victims of the pre-dawn bombing of Public Shelter Nr. 25 in the Al Amiriyah neighbourhood of Baghdad on the 13th of February 1991. Without warning, two American F-117 planes each fired a laser-guided ’smart’ missile, instantly incinerating over 400 people. Shortly afterwards, a small booklet was published listing the victims names. 100 of those were accompanied by a photographic portrait. The others merely had a notice printed beside their names reading either ‘She has no picture’ (female) or ‘He has no picture’ (male).” Full description

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