Soft Light Colour Burn | Unit 3 Projects

4 – 24 September 2023
Unit 3 Projects | ASC Empson Street, Bow, London E3 3LT

Featuring works by Simon Pike

The work in ‘Soft Light Colour Burn’ utilizes a disparate and fractured array of content sourced online. This content is then digitally manipulated and transferred to paper, panel or canvas in a combination of layers of paint, ink and medium with varying degrees of transparency which result in a high gloss, glass like surface reminiscent of the screen. As layers of content build, individual elements and meanings become obscured and confused at the service of a coherent aestheticised whole. These works explore the fractured and fluid temporalities, the collisions and juxtapositions of subjects and the mix of virtual and real in our always-on digitally networked world.

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