The Fold is the Smallest Unit in a Labyrinth | Canalside Gallery

Show opening 5th October 6-9pm
Open 6-14 October, 12-5pm daily
Canalside Gallery | 243 Ealing Road, Alperton, London HA0 1QL

The Fold is the Smallest Unit in a Labyrinth
Johanna Bolton Solo Exhibition

An intimate solo show inspired by the folds in worn clothes. Not just seen as beautiful drapery, but as a record of human movement and spent time, left behind in the material.

It starts from a simple observation, and like most seemingly simple things, it turns out to also be immensely complex. Folding is a profound underlying universal system and rhythm. The fold organises materials everywhere: from biological molecules to geological structures. Folds can be used both to reveal and obscure.

Over a year folds and their origins have been studied recorded and recreated in such various materials and media as fabric, foam, metal, clay and photographic prints.

At the night of the opening there will also be kinetic and edible folds.

Show opening 6-9pm on the 5th October. All welcome!

Open from 6-14 October 12-5pm daily, email or DM for appointments and any questions:, Instagram @johanna.bolton

Artist Biography

The idea of human presence and movement leaving behind memories or imprints inmaterial form is key to the work of Johanna Bolton. She works across sculpture, installation, photography and performance. Johanna received the 2021 Gilbert Bayes Award from the Royal Society of Sculptors, the 2022 residency at metal fabricator Benson Sedgwick and was a 2022 Ingram Prize finalist. Previous projects include a residencies at Kew Gardens Herbarium and the Bomberg Archive, London South Bank University and exhibitions at Gerlesborgs Konsthall, Sweden and Edicola Spoleto / MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy.

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