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Mixed Media / Painting / Empson Street

Bex Massey graduated with a Ba FA Hons in 2007 from The Cass and in 2013 with a MA FA from Chelsea College of art. Since obtaining her Masters she has been shortlisted for ‘The Signature Art Prize’ 2014, ‘Young Masters Art Prize’ 2014, ‘The Taking Shape Prize’ 2016, ‘Blooom Award’, 2016 and acknowledged with the ‘Butterbiggens Prize in British Painting’ 2019 and ‘Repaint History’ in 2021. Massey’s practice incorporates figurative painting and installation. She uses collage, traditional making techniques and modes of display to discuss ideas surrounding value-the hierarchy of image, highbrow versus lowbrow and material worth. Reoccurring themes surrounding this ‘value’ are intersectional feminist issues, the post digital terrain and British subcultures. Recent series have questioned why ‘Women only occupying 0.5% of recorded history’ in ‘Original Gyal Dem’ 2019; Queer theory and class systems in ‘Dem Birds’ 2019-20 and the beginnings of misogyny with an eclectic reimagining of the Pandora myth in her recent solo show ‘We didn’t start the fire’, 2020-21.