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ASC regularly promotes the work of a new talented artist or maker. Please take a look at our latest artist in the spotlight.

Warren Reilly

Artist and designer Warren Reilly combines fashion, photography, fine art, and history with a view to inspire social reflection and change through his work.

Using work created throughout his free studio residency at ASC Ealing Road, Warren showcases the cross-disciplinary nature of his practice at an end of residency exhibition in Alperton’s Canalside Gallery.

Johanna Bolton

Johanna Bolton works with sculpture, photography and performance, in various combinations. 

Her areas of study include the kinks and knots in elastic bands, patterns deformed by scrunching up paper and, most recently, the folds of trouser knees, a kind of modern day version of the fabric folds of marble statues. They are all archives of human presence and movement left behind in material form.

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Suzi Morris

Scottish born Suzi Morris’ painting-based practice examines the relationship between paint, colour and lived experience. Combining references to the body, perception, advanced medical science and late-modernist colour-field painting, her vibrant gestural abstractions explore the visual possibilities of the contemporary sublime.

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